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Sunglass Plus™ has been a market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fashion, sports, and performance eyewear for more than 35 years. And since we’re headquartered in perpetually sunny southern California, we know how important it is to have a wardrobe of sunglasses on hand at all times.

"That’s what inspired us to start Sunbox."

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Sign up for a monthly “Sunscription” and every month you’ll receive a beautiful, customized box full of fashion-forward, trendy sunglasses. Our vast global network provides you with access to quality eyewear, at prices you could never find on your own. Joining Sunbox makes you the member of an exclusive club. A club that delivers the latest styles of sunglasses, hand-picked just for you.

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Select who the subscriptions is for.
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Womens, Mens & Couples

Then select a lifestyle.
Options are:
Fashion - Trending Style
Classic - Timeless & Iconic
Sport - Durable & Polarized
Combo - A mix of all previous styles


Select the duration of your subscription,
Options are:
Month to month - Receive 2 pairs of sunglasses or readers per month. $29.95/mo.
Prepay 6mo.
 - Receive 2 pairs of sunglasses or readers per month for 6 months at a discounted rate. $149.95 for 6mo.
Prepay 12mo. -
Receive 2 pairs of sunglasses or readers per month for 12 months at a deeply discounted rate and a free 12 pack Sunbox to store your new eyewear collection in. $239.95 for 12mo.


Sit back and let our stylists do the rest.

Your handpicked frames will arrive at your door step once a month for you to see the world in a different light. 

Welcome to the club.

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